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amro   Aluminum billet machined part being inspected  on 5 axis CNC mill. Parts can be inspected with  the same CAD model used in engineering.
page07001   CNC precision machine tools require proper geometry setup   and calibration to maintain their productivity and accuracy. The tracker does this very well.
img0026   Manual machine tools can be checked as readily as CNC machines. Geometry and DRO are quickly verified.
page91   Alignment or “dialing in” of parts that are larger than a machines normal capacity is a snap. This can greatly increase machine productivity and part accuracy.
P515   3-D surface profiles can be checked against the original CAD model to insure that the desired end result has been achieved. Complex contours are quickly inspected.
Shuttlenozsmx   Profile and contour results are presented in easy to understand graphical, spread sheet, or text formats. Reports can be customized to fit your needs.
cal12 (1)   Large scale objects can be measured with extreme accuracy by using strategic relocation techniques. There are no size limitations, it’s totally portable.
Orbital--1   Complex, tight tolerance assemblies and tooling. Using the Tracker has saved countless man hours in re-work and material costs. parts can be inspected at multiple vendor sites with one single tool.
turbine2   High speed turbines often distort badly due to high temperatures and work loads. We can map out the distortions to allow repositioning of internal components back to required positions.
Chrissmx   Panel pocket profile inspections became a snap when the Tracker got involved. Voice recognition and wireless remote features allow the data to be collected quickly and efficiently.
smxya1   Large scale contoured molds that often were left un-inspected, for lack of a proper way, can now be accurately checked with ease. Portability truly shows to be a major advantage in cost savings. Live time functionality also lets reshaping be done on the fly.
smx135   Commercial aerospace is cutting production costs substantially using pre and post-fit  inspection procedures that prove the parts are correct before they make it into service. This also increases the safety of air travel.
krupcan2Precision surveys, layouts and verifications are faster, more accurate, and all CAD compatible. This makes projects of large scale and complexity much more efficient and safe.
            frame7ge   A multitude of information is gathered when inspecting rotating equipment such as turbines, generators, pumps, engines, etc. The tracker is an excellent replacement for conventional methods of inspection.