Laser Tracker Definition

Laser Tracker Metrology

A Laser Tracker is a portable device that makes three dimensional measurements highly accurately over large volumes of space.  Combine the instrument with skilled craftsmen and computer software for data analysis and you have powerful inspection and manufacturing technologies.  In moving from micrometers and handwritten reports to machine gathered data and computerized reports has made a significant difference in the confidence of our measured data.  We are able to measure a point thousands of times in a second and look at the data with a standard deviation of all the measurements and gain real confidence in the data’s accuracy.  Please review are home web site on laser tracker measuring services at

Features Include:

Seal ring measured during manufacturing process.

Laser tracker measuring hydroelectric seal ring on machine to insure all features of ring. Portability and accuracy are key to manufacturing precise parts.

Laser has a case and travels well even on airlines.  It is easy and quick to setup requiring only one person to operate.  Prime Machine’s technician’s are skilled and have traveled from the artic circle to South American completing measurements with the laser tracker.

Working Volume

laser tracker measuring large Capterpillar engine block

Laser tracker measuring large Caterpillar engine block main bores for both position and size.

The Faro Trackers we use provide exceptional accuracy in a working volume of 0 to 160 meters x 270° x 120° in every orientation. Accuracy up to 0.015mm (0.0006 inches) remains high to the edge of any working envelope.


Large horizontal five axis machining center squared and calibrated with laser tracker

Large horizontal machine initial setup and calibration with Faro Advantage Laser

Accuracy of the laser tool in use.  Our lasers are calibrated to the national standards and this is one method of determining the accuracy of the laser tracker.   The laser has a self compensation routine for parameters to ensure high accuracy while working.  The tracker has an integrated precision level and weather station for temperature adjusted measurements.


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